The Stephanie Odegard Collection seeks to preserve rare artistic traditions from around the world and has devoted her career to assisting artisans in developing countries promote and preserve their traditional crafts. Recognized as an international leader in contemporary design she has expanded carpets to include finely crafted objects from regions outside Nepal and Tibet, and has focused on preserving the ancient traditions which flourished during the Mughal period.

Having consulted in craft sectors for 15 years, before starting her own business she served in different nations around the world positioning her well to develop products not only in textiles but in furniture, accessories, and architectural fixtures as well. Stephanie gets the most excitement and inspiration with working through new concepts using ancient traditional skills with designers in realizing their visions for interiors. The Stephanie Odegard Collection of jewelry for the home includes furniture, lighting, textiles, decorative accessories and architectural elements. Commissioning artisans in Nepal, India, Tibet and Italy to create modern pieces, Stephanie Odegard works to assure the survival of their traditional crafts and honor the communities in which they are made. Each unique piece is infused with a clear sense that the artist's hand has been at work. Whether highly decorative or minimally modern, the Stephanie Odegard Collection presents graceful, opulent surfaces, textiles, and objects worked in wood, stone, copper and other precious materials.

All of the surfaces and techniques offered are customizable and source the introduction of this collection. Stephanie Odegard has been commissioned to re-create the entire interior surface of a mirrored glass room from a 17th century Indian palace, a chair from the Raj, cotton khadi panels, silk and cashmere shawls, blankets and cushion covers.

Botanical Tables

The Stephanie Odegard Collection

Stephanie Odegard Collection has created a small collection of Botanical Tables which are exclusively sold in North America at the Stephanie Odegard Collection. As a part of the collection, we are producing additional designs, lighting and accessories to compliment our own exciting limited and exclusive collection.

The Botanical tables are sand cast in brass and finished totally by hand held tools. The finishes vary from brass to antique brass, to nickel plated, and can be gilded.

Champa Leaf and Ulta Champa Side Tables Image
Chrysanthemum Side Table Image

The Stephanie Odegard Collection

During a two-year creative collaboration, Stephanie Odegard introduced Paul Mathieu to craftsmen in India who are masters in their respective crafts and century-old techniques. The result of many trips to India is a new line of furnishings and objects, available exclusively through the Stephanie Odegard Collection.Combining the traditional crafts of stone carving, metal work and casting in India with a classically modern approach, Paul and Stephanie worked with the master craftsmen in India to create functional works of art hand-made out of marble, wood, silver, brass and a variety of other locally available materials. A new line of ethereal lighting fixtures is hand carved from white and pink marble, taking advantage of the translucence of the materials to provide soft lighting.The Jour Collection of tables, each of which is cut from a solid block of marble, then hand carved to produce the delicate filigree work, is another exquisite addition to the Stephanie Odegard Collection. The use of jali carving in this unique shape has been copyright registration and is protected under international copyright laws.

Elegant furniture designs with rich metal cladding complement the Collection.

Odegard Vaisseau Jali Chandelier Image
Jour Jali Side Table Image

The Stephanie Odegard Collection

With an emphasis on luxury and artistry, Viya Home designs individually handcrafted luxurious products for high-end interiors. Highly skilled Indian artisans employing centuries-old methods once patronized by royal families are the makers of uniquely designed pieces for residential and commercial spaces.

Furniture, decorative and functional sculptures, washbasins, hardware, planters and lighting products are available in brass or copper. Select pieces are made from stone overlaid with semi precious materials like malachite, lapis lazuli and mother of pearl.



viya home

Hundred Petal Lotus Table Image
Mehraab wash basin Image

The Stephanie Odegard Collection

The Fortuny designed lamps are hand painted silk stretched over metal frames, all made completely by hand using Mario Fortuny's original Ottoman influenced designs as well as the original technique. Available in five warm hues, accented with renowned Murano glass, silk tassels and brass ornaments, all hung with a delicate net of silk cords.

"With the lightness of opulent silk, intricate hand painting and balance of silhouettes all merged together, these fixtures create true sculptures of light!"



Scheherazade Image
Scudo Saraceno Image
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