This collection consists of a melding of media from works of art to the carpet where Stephanie Odegard has taken the artist’s work off the canvas and reinterpreted it into art for the floor, or collaborations with artists designing the carpets themselves. The collection features Dan Golden, home accessories designer, Mira Lehr, painter, Paul Mathieu, furniture designer, Michael Somoroff, photographer, and Ahmad Sardar-Afkhami, architect and interior designer.

  • STONEFLOWERS - Mira Lehr
  • SEA - Mira Lehr
  • OAK LEAVES - Paul Mathieu
  • ACANTHE DEHORS - Paul Mathieu
  • RISE - Dan Golden
  • CALM - Dan Golden
  • SOMOROFF II - Michael Somoroff
  • SOMOROFF - Michael Somoroff
  • EMERGENCE 4 - Ahmad Sardar-Afkhami
  • EMERGENCE 3 - Ahmad Sardar-Afkhami